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Common Headaches

One of the most common maladies in our culture today is a headache. Yes, even more common than the common cold. And the most common over-the-counter (OTC), non-prescription drug sold nationwide is – you guessed it – headache remedies.

Chronic Headaches ChiropracticOne estimate contends that some 50 million people in the U.S. get severe, long-lasting, recurring headaches. While most headaches are not signs of serious underlying conditions, they are extremely distracting and account for a significant loss of work time.

Because we have become a “pill-popping” society, and are often looking for a quick fix, the overuse of OTC pain relievers has become as big a problem – if not bigger – than the headaches themselves. Continued use of pain-relieving medications (analgesics) accompanied by continuing headaches can manifest itself as “drug-induced” headaches. This condition is known as a “rebound headache.”

Rebound headaches are the result of the body becoming accustomed to the doses of medication being consumed. This then requires more and more frequent use of medication to relieve the pain. Now the headaches worsen and become more difficult to control. This spiral effect is destined to continue until the use of those medications is stopped.

For this reason alone, a chronic headache sufferer should consider alternative treatment sources such as chiropractic treatment.

Warning Signs

It’s important to note that a headache is merely a symptom of a deeper problem. It should be viewed as a warning sign. And until that warning sign is heeded and the symptom is dealt with, the headaches will undoubtedly continue.

The root causes of headaches can be wide and varied. They can range from stress, to allergies, to sinus problems, to eyestrain and even lack of sufficient nutrition. Likewise there are many different types of headaches. The most common headache is the tension headache. Next are the dreaded migraines which can be severe enough to put a person to bed due to the blinding pain. Cluster headaches are less common but no less painful.

Problems arise when headache sufferers treat the symptoms through continued use of pain relievers. (Often to the point of overuse as mentioned above.) Treating the symptoms without getting to the root cause of the pain and discomfort drives the person further and further from extended or permanent relief.

Putting Up With Headaches

In answer to the question in the title, “Is One Headache Per Week Normal?” the answer is, “Absolutely not.” And if you are simply “putting up” with the pain, discomfort, and distraction of constant headaches, consider getting to the root of the problems through chiropractic treatment.

When there is pressure on the nervous system, one of the most common results is a headache. If the misalignment is acute, things such as stress, extra tension, or small trauma can set off a series of events that can result in a headache. Chiropractic treatment works to relieve this kind of pressure by adjustments of the vertebrae. Evidence has shown that spinal cure through chiropractic treatment is, and continues to be, highly effective.

Listen to Your Body

Continuing to deaden your body with painkillers will never be the answer. This simply masks those warning signs. Listen to your body. And then seriously consider learning the root cause of your headaches through the safe and trusted use of chiropractic.

You have nothing to lose – but your headaches! 


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